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Solid Board Cutters 111mm Complete Set

Product Code: SBC111SET

Price Per Item
£ 80.92

Solid Board Cutters 111mm Complete Set

Drill easy fix holes in solid boards in under a minute

Armeg’s Solid Board Cutter provides users with a simple and easy solution for drilling access holes in solid board flooring – no need for interjoist sawing.

When used together with Armeg’s removable solid plug caps, this product produces a neat access hole which lies flush with the floor and allows re-entry for future access requirements.

  • Rapidly creating a 111mm diameter hole in under one minute, the Solid Board Cutter features 8% Cobalt HSS tipped teeth for durability, lasting at least 100% longer than a standard bi-metallic holesaw
  • A precision manufactured depth-stop ring and HSS rebating cutters allow SBC caps to precisely locate in the flooring for a neat finish with 100% accuracy
  • SBC can be used in flooring grade chipboard up to 22mm thick.

SBC is ideal when creating holes for:

  • Running cables under floors for rewires / installations
  • Access above down-lighters during installation or maintenance
  • Access when running pipework under flooring
  • General work where access to the floor void under solid flooring is required


111mm Complete Set


1 x 111mm Cobalt Solid Board Cutter

3 x 111mm Plugs

1 x Hexagon Drive Adaptor for SBC Cutter

1 x SDS Plus Drive Adaptor for SBC Cutter